Hydrogen Technology

Our Expertise

Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the conceptual planning and realisation of emission-neutral hydrogen systems that are tailored to a customer's particular requirements.

Our project management is best practice and has successfully been built up as part of development projects in the automotive industry over several decades. Our expertise in the field of high-performance electronics and fuel cells is put into practice by employees and partners, some of whom have been active in the research and development of the Fraunhofer Institute and thus possess comprehensive technical expertise.

This includes realising the complete planning, from the procurement of the alternative energy used and the infrastructure (hydrogen production, storage and transport) to the final application.

Individual components are analysed and updated in terms of technological advances and progress by means of continuous project-related market analyses. Our aim is to realise the highest current standard with each project and thus be better than "state of the art" in the system as a whole.

Through innovative use of high-performance electronics developed in-house, the individual components are combined to form a highly effective overall system.

Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG makes a project of hydrogen system planning and realisation and is currently already active in hydrogen projects.

Current Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG projects concern the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the maritime sector (ship conversions) and with the use of modular systems for entire stationary applications. The systems can be used as energy sources for buildings, mobile concreting equipment, cable cars, conveyor belts as emergency power generators, and much more. In addition, we handle the retrofitting of trucks and the use of hydrogen for mobility purposes.


You decide where you need us.
We can take on the entire management of the project and the design, design individual components or focus on optimising individual phases of a process already under way. Even if you are planning small-scale production runs, we are at your side.

Together we will devise an efficient, intelligent and budget-friendly way forward.
Bring your innovative visions to life with us.

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