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Portrait of the company

Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG has a flexible team with over ten years of experience in the development, design and management of vehicle construction projects.

For a number of years our developers have been supporting the design and manufacturing processes of well known vehicle manufacturers - you have probably already driven a car yourself co-designed by us.

Starting with Wolfgang Podleiszek, the company's founder, Serienreif now has an extensive pool of specialists in the fields of project development, design and project management.

Regardless of the stage of the design process at which you bring us on board: Serienreif is a practically orientated and experienced development partner to have on your side.

What we stand for

Serienreif stands for certified first class technical design and project assistance. Our knowledge - your gain. With every project we keep an eye locally on the budget requirements and how to streamline production.

Customer satisfaction and adhering to the budget are our priorities.

In addition to this we place special value on intelligently and efficiently organising our procedures in order to fully put our mutual targets into practice on schedule.


Core Values

Our company's core values were jointly defined by employees and management at a two-day workshop. Each person (anonymously) assigned certain qualities to colleagues, which we then grouped under headings. The resulting 5 core valves do not merely reflect wishful thinking or long-term goals, rather they describe how we work together and what values set us apart – both as a company and as individual members of staff.

Our core valves help us to continually reflect on our own actions and improve them. They form a basis for appointing new members of staff and future expansion of our team. And they also enable customers to identify common values and get to know our team even ahead of the initial contact.



This was defined by the entire team as our company's most important core value and highlights our staff's outstanding communication expertise when cooperating in a team and when dealing to customers.
It is crucial for us to act in a friendly, professional and solution-orientated manner in all situations. Each and every member of the team can rely on the support of colleagues at all times. Knowledge, skills and experience are made available to others and solutions developed jointly. ?Qualities that have led to this core value: kindness, positive thinking, communication, willingness to help.

A willingness to deal with new situations, find alternative solutions and expand our own knowledge and experience is a core quality of all employees of our company. Whether new topics, component groups, customers, technologies or industries – we are open to expanding our horizons.
Qualities that have led to this core value: interest, willingness to learn, openness, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, adventurousness, curiosity.

Situations occur almost every day in project work, which require more than just technical knowledge. Solving these situations professionally means appearing calm and competent, acting as a reliable partner, discussing issues objectively and always having the solution to a problem in sight.
Qualities that have led to this core value: competence, reliability, professional appearance, calm and assertive appearance, quick ability to understand, precise work ethic, diplomacy, target-focus.

Each and every member of staff is more than the role that he or she has in our company. That is why we place great importance on regular exchanges and feedback between the management and staff, on joint agreements within the team, on mutual support in staffing bottlenecks or in difficult situations and on an honest and friendly way of dealing with each other. It is crucial that we also adopt this attitude towards our customers.
Qualities that have led to this core value: excellent social skills, an ability to listen, empathy, understanding, humanity.

A common base of trust is regarded by all employees as a prerequisite for cooperation with colleagues and customers. We will be unable to develop constructive solutions and successfully bring projects to their completion without the conviction that everyone acts honestly within the team.
Qualities that have led to this core value: honesty, trust, conscientiousness, integrity, seriousness, awareness of responsibility.

How we work

"Designs are born of ideas, and integration follows - every step is an exciting challenge. The highpoint, however, is finally seeing the component in the vehicle... working exactly how you intended it to."
Wolfgang Podleiszek

From the first discussions to the finished product, we pay attention to intelligently and efficiently organising the procedures. For you and our shared projects, this means targets are met comprehensively and on schedule.

To this end, we work with flexible project management systems and transparent communication structures. All procedures are set out in detail with our customers and reliably adhered to so that they can be seamlessly incorporated into current projects.

Corporate Policy

Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG Corporate Policy: The Management of serienreif GmbH & Co. KG manages the company based on the principles of the process- and risk management orientated approach of ISO 9001:2015.

The Management has discussed the core working standards set out in the 1998 declaration by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and has implemented relevant basic principles within the company.

In addition, the company operates on the basis of the ten universally accepted principles of the United National Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. They are:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • The principles of the Rio Declaration governing the environment and development
  • The United Nations Convention against Corruption
Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is committed to the set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We also support and implement the principles of the Global Compact within our sphere of influence.

Human Rights
  • Principle 01: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG supports and respects the protection of international human rights and
  • Principle 02 ensures that the company is not complicit in violations of human rights
Labour standards
  • Principle 03: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG respects the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • Principle 04: We are committed to eliminating all forms of forced labour.
  • Principle 05: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is opposed to any form of child labour.
  • Principle 06: We fundamentally oppose any discrimination relating to employment and work.
Environmental protection
  • Principle 07: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG adheres to the principle of precaution in its approach to environmental problems.
  • Principle 08: We promote greater environmental awareness within our sphere of influence.
  • Principle 09: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is actively involved in the development and dissemination of environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • Principle 10: Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is expressly opposed to all kinds of corruption including extortion and bribery.
Compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, specifically the principles defined from Chapter IV onwards governing Solidarity (Articles 27 to 33) are also a matter of course to us.

We also expect our suppliers to uphold the principles and values to which we are committed and adhere.

Quality management

Serienreif GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized development service provider for the automobile industry. The company is characterised above all by timely, technical care and an experienced project management and development team.

Our vision is long-term development into the best quality development service provider in the South German area. For this, we never want to lose sight of the human aspect in everyday business and fulfil our customers' project goals with a high level of professionalism and reliability to their satisfaction. The process-oriented approach of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 helps us to keep a consistently good level of quality and stability and to continually further develop the company by means of constant self-reflection.

As well as the quality of our work, we also believe that the certified information and data security also plays a large role for long-term establishment on the market. This means we can ensure our customers can handle their development data and information in a confidential and secure manner.

We place a great deal of value on consistent adherence to all legal and official regulations in the company, and we check these regularly.

The managing directors and all employees support this policy of quality.


Serienreif GmbH & Co.KG
Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 17
85247 Schwabhausen, DE

Serienreif Podleiszek GmbH
Leitringer Straße 4
8435 Leitring, AT

Serienreif CZ s.r.o.
Lidicka 21
74706 Opava-Predmesti
Czech Republic


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